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Great Lakes Observing System Annual Meeting

Ann Arbor, MI
October 7-8, 2015

SETAC North America Annual Meeting

Salt Lake City, UT
November 1–5, 2015

CERF 23rd Biennial Conference

Portland, OR
November 8–12, 2015

Harmful Algae in the U.S. (WHOI)

Long Beach, CA
November 15–19, 2015

NALMS 35th International Symposium

Saratoga Springs, NY
November 17-20, 2015

ASLO 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting

New Orleans, LA
February 21-26, 2016

Excess Nitrogen and Phosphorus Disrupts the Carbon Cycle in Streams

Recent article in Science from University of Georgia scientists   Read the article. . .
Read more. . .

photo of a healthy stream in a wooded area

Toxins Special Issue "Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) and Public Health: Progress and Current Challenges"

 A series of open access articles on HABs with USEPA and CDC guest editors.
Read more. . .

Algal bloom, Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland

November 2014 Environmental Health Perspectives article on Nutrient Pollution.

Read the article. . .   Read more. . .

Title page of the Nutrient Pollution article and a map showing states with numeric criteria for Total Nitrogen or Total Phosphorus

USEPA OST Article on Microcystin:

L.L. Yuan, A.I. Pollard, S. Pather, J.L. Oliver, L. D’Anglada. 2014. Managing microcystin: identifying national-scale thresholds for total nitrogen and chlorophyll a. Freshwater Biology. 59(9):1970–1981. Read more. . .

NOAA image of microcystis bloom in Lake Ontario

Highlighted Resources and Links

New!2015 EPA Water Quality Modeling Webinars. Click here.

duration and frequencyUpdated EPA fact sheet - Preventing Eutrophication: Scientific Support for Dual Nutrient Criteria (February 2015). Click here.

2015 National Numeric Nutrient Criteria Webinar Series presentations are available. Click here.

Recent EPA contributions to peer-reviewed literature on nutrient-related topics. Click here.

Searchable bibliography of nutrient sources from 1951 to 2015.
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Presentations from the 2014 Regional Numeric Nutrient Criteria Technical Workshops are available. Click here.

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Nutrient Criteria
Approach Toolbox

A toolbox for practitioners tasked with the goal of developing numeric nutrient criteria. The toolbox will continue to expand as technical advances are made by EPA and its state partners in developing numeric nutrient criteria.

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Updates about nutrient issues near you! Includes upcoming nutrient events, nutrient news articles, and other information about nutrients.

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Repository for a variety of support materials, such as: webcasts and presentations by national nutrient experts, handy links, Federal nutrient documents, and a searchable bibliography of nutrient criteria topics!

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Nutrient Criteria
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Contacts and links organized by EPA region and states accessed via an interactive map.

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Forum for posting and reading responses on technical questions relating to nutrients and nutrient criteria. Use the Technical REQuest System (T-REQS) to log in and post new comments to the expert panel.

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Useful terms and acronyms defined for the nutrient criteria community.